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About AI and Emerging Technologies

AI improves industry processes, making machines smarter. It is the future of all complex decision-making. These technologies are impacting every aspect of enterprises today: revolutionizing work, data use, organizational efficiency, customer and employee experiences, risk management, and more.

According to industry reports, companies across industries are investing in AI and Emerging Technologies and AI expenditure in India is likely to hit US$11.78 billion by 2025 and will add US$1 trillion to the Indian Economy by 2035.1

With this rapid tech adoption, the role of AI will continue to grow with a significant increase in demand for talented professionals. In 2024, approximately 40% of large enterprises are projected to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to all vital horizontal functions.2

Already, hiring for freshers has picked up over the last three months of the year, and the Indian Job Market is expected to witness 22% growth in AI related jobs over the next 5 years3


A career in AI is not only attracting aspirants towards it but is also witnessing immense growth. With AI capabilities, students can explore several roles including

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Robotics Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • ML Engineer
  • AI Research Scientist
  • AI Software developer
  • Speech Recognition Expert
  • AI Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • NLP Engineer
  • AI Developer
  • AI Specialist
  • AI Solution Engineer
  • AI Analytics Manager
  • AI Programmer
  • AI Product Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • NLP Expert
  • Business Analyst and more.

a. Helps you build an in-depth understanding of the latest AI and Emerging Tech concepts along with their real-world applications.

b. Delivered by reputed IIT professors who are at the forefront of deeptech research and implementation.

c. Gain certification from IIT Hyderabad, ranked #8 by NIRF (2023) among the top engineering institutions.

d. Attend faculty-led weekend classes at the comfort of your home while continuing your studies. Apply your learnings in Project Bootcamps and Hackathons.

e. Implement AI Projects at IIT Hyderabad Campus*
Dates will be decided keeping the safety of participants in mind

f. Mentorship opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Select startups ideas score a chance of getting incubated at IIT Hyderabad.

g. Learn on TalentSprint's interactive AI-powered digital delivery platform and get access to industry experts.

IIT Hyderabad is a top ranked ( NIRF #8) institution that nurtures world-class academic research culture with 500 sponsored research projects and 3400+ Scopus indexed publications to its credit. The program will be delivered by IIT Hyderabad faculty group bearing academic accreditation from premier institutions around the world with specialization in: Data Analysis, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Recommendation Systems, Social Network Analysis, Multimedia Communication, Biomedical Imaging, Signal Processing, Speech Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Neural Networks, Quantum Computing, Blockchain and more.

TalentSprint, a part of the NSE Academy, brings high-end and deep-tech education to aspiring and experienced professionals. It partners with world-class academic institutions and global corporations to develop and offer disruptive programmes. TalentSprint's online platform delivers unique online and onsite experiences that help build cutting-edge expertise, for today and tomorrow.

Given its in-depth understanding of the deep technologies, access to industry experts, and a state of art technology platform, IIT Hyderabad has chosen TalentSprint as its partner for professional certification programs in disruptive and emerging technologies.

Learning Format

The Program will be delivered in interactive digital format, retaining effectiveness while maintaining safety. The format uniquely combines the benefits of an in-class program with the flexibility and safety of online delivery.

Benefits of In-Class Delivery Flexibility and additional value of online
Synchronous program delivery by expert faculty Re-attend classes through recorded archives
Interact and get your doubts answered by faculty Access videos easily with searchable and indexed video archives
Peer learning through working in groups with other participants Learn from the comfort and safety of your home
Get support from mentors for labs and experiments Office hours with one-on-one mentor support

The program will be delivered on TalentSprint's patent-pending, a leading digital learning platform of choice used for programs delivered by the likes of Google, IIM Calcutta, IIT Hyderabad, IISc, and IIT Kanpur, to name a few.

Our state-of-the-art, direct-to-device digital learning platform, being used by top institutions (IIIT, IIT, IIM) provides the following rich features:

Our digital platform enables participants to

  • a. Attend all lecture classes online from any location on any device (computer, tablet, or smartphone)
  • b. Interact with faculty, through audio and chat, during the online session
  • c. Interact with peers, through chat during the online session

Our digital platform supports mentored online labs for necessary hands-on learning

  • a. All practical labs are available online on the platform
  • b. You will have the option to interact with a mentor during the lab sessions
  • c. You will also be able to set up one-on-one mentoring session during weekdays
  • d. You can also work with your peer group on the platform for group projects

Yes, all our online sessions enable audio and chat interaction. Participants can interact and ask questions to the faculty. The chat window is common to all participants and faculty and allows interaction among participants.

The classes will have enough interaction to get your doubts cleared. You will also have the additional options:

  • a. A discussion forum is open in every course, where you can post your queries to be answered by peers in the class as well as mentors
  • b. Review session scheduled periodically where you can ask the faculty and get your doubts clarified
  • c. One-on-one sessions with mentors can be scheduled anytime during the program

You will need the following infrastructure to access our platform:

  • Device: A Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone with camera and mic.
  • Internet: A regular broadband/wifi connection or a mobile 4G connection.

However, you will need a computer with the necessary configuration to do the online lab sessions.

Yes, program mentors will be available to provide you the required assistance during your online lab exercises schedule.

Participants can interact with their group members for the projects conveniently using Zoom or Skype calls. TalentSprint's platform will also have the provision of group-specific discussion forums for asynchronous discussion among the group members.

Our recorded videos have an AI-generated Table of Content (TOC) to help with easy and smart navigation within the videos. Participants can click on the items under TOC to directly jump to the relevant section in a video.

Video archives will also have a Phrase Cloud of keywords/phrases used in the video. Participants can click on a particular keyword/phrase to find yellow markers, indicating the points where the selected keyword/phrase was covered on the video timeline.

The program has made constant efforts in delivering the highest possible quality learning experience for the participants. The response has been exceptional. Here is the feedback from some of the participants in their own words

Building an in-depth understanding of AI and Emerging Technologies requires an effective learning format. For students pursuing their regular studies during the weekdays, generating the same intensity and energy during weekends for gaining expertise in such technology needs a structured approach.

This 6-month Certification Program is designed in an intense interactive format that spans across 3 units. The program is hands-on with a balanced mix of online classes and project bootcamps. You will get assistance from mentors throughout the program.

The project bootcamp will be held at the IIT Hyderabad campus, enabling you to experience IIT campus life and work in teams with exceptional peers from institutions across India.

It is this structure that has witnessed participation of 160+ participants since inception.

The Program will be led by collaborative faculty from IIT Hyderabad and TalentSprint. Find details here

  • a. Ability to build and deploy AI applications
  • b. Learn from top IIT professors
  • c. Reinforce learning by applying concepts in industry-relevant assignments and projects.
  • d. Globally recognized IIT Hyderabad Certification that will boost your resume

Yes , You will receive exclusive Internship and outstanding Placement support.

This is an expertise building program for students, and you will obtain a globally recognized IIT Hyderabad Certification. Expertise built in this program will prepare you to explore opportunities in the area of AI and other DeepTech areas. The program helps you build your profile on Github, Kaggle & LinkedIn and prepare for interviews.

Startup enthusiasts will be supported by mentorship and incubation support from IIT Hyderabad.

As an Institution of National Importance, IIT Hyderabad enjoys autonomous status under the MHRD, and operates outside the purview of UGC/AICTE guidelines.This program is a fully approved certificate program offered through the IIT Centre for Continuing Education.

IIT Hyderabad conducts the selection process for the program. Candidates will be selected based on the education profile, online proctored test and selection by the committee.

Recent graduates in STEM fields

Currently pursuing graduation

Basic Programming knowledge is required

Program Fee

A participant not holding an Indian Passport or is not residing in India will be considered an International Participant.

Yes. 0% EMI options can be availed to pay the program fee.

The Program fee is ₹2,00,000 plus GST. See details on this page

No, the application fee is non-refundable.

No. The program fee is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.

Program Content

Unit 1: Learn the Fundamentals of AI and Emerging Technologies

    Python for AI

  • Basics of Python
  • External Libraries(Numpy, SKlearn, Pytorch)
  • Pandas for data wrangling
  • Visualization using Matplotlib

    Maths for AI

  • Probability
  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus and Optimisation
  • Descriptive & Inferential Statistics

Unit 2: IIT Hyderabad Certification on AI Regression and Classification Emerging Technologies

Week 1-3: Regression and Classification

    Lecture Topics

  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Naive Bayes classifier and SVMs
  • Decision Trees and Random Forests

  • Lab Activities

  • Implementing regression and classification models
  • Model evaluation and validation

Week 4-5: Ensemble Methods, Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction

    Lecture Topics

  • Ensemble Methods (e.g., Bagging and Boosting)
  • Clustering Algorithms (e.g., K-Means, DBSCAN)
  • Dimensionality Reduction (e.g., PCA)

  • Lab Activities

  • Applying clustering and dimensionality reduction techniques
  • Building ensemble models

Week 6-7: Neural Networks and Deep Learning

    Lecture Topics

  • Perceptrons, MLP
  • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)

  • Lab Activities

  • Pytorch Framework
  • Pytorch Framework
  • transfer learning with pre-trained models

Week 8-10: Applications of AI

    Lecture Topics

  • Computer Vision (classification, Object Detection and Object Segmentation)
  • Speech Processing and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Lab Activities

  • Hands-on with image processing and NLP tasks
  • Building AI applications

Week 11-12: Advanced Topics in Deep Learning

    Lecture Topics

  • Encoder-Decoder Models, Transfomers
  • Generative AI

  • Lab Activities

  • Implementing and training advanced deep learning models
  • Building and training deep learning models for image generation

Week 13-15: Emerging Technologies

    Lecture Topics

  • Internet of Things (IoT)s
  • Quantum Computing
  • Building LinkedIn Profile
  • Responsible AI

  • Lab Activities

  • Exploring IoT, blockchain, and quantum computing projects

Week 16-18: Advanced Projects

    Project Topics

  • Students work on their chosen project
  • Mentoring and guidance provided by mentors

Sample projects :

  • E-commerce Recommendations
  • Object Recognition
  • Imag classification and other vision problems
  • Text classification and other NLP problems
  • Spam Filtering with NLP
  • Detecting Fake News
  • Deep Learning and Generative AI
  • Blockchain

  • a. 6-month program
  • b. Batch starts in September 2024 by IITH Professors
  • c. Bootcamp at IIT Hyderabad*
    Dates will be declared keeping in mind safety of the participants
  • d. Interview preparation and profile building

The program will be delivered through faculty-led interactive live sessions on TalentSprint's These online sessions will be held during weekends, which is convenient to working professionals. Participants will be able to interact with the faculty through video, audio, and chat. They will also be able to chat with fellow participants of the program during online sessions.

Reading material (pre/post session) will be shared regularly through the Online Learning Management System.

Batch starts in September 2024. For more information, contact us at

It is a 6 months program including Project Bootcamp, Assignments and Case Studies.

A certificate of successful completion is provided upon completion of all requirements of the program. All examinations and evaluations related to the certification are carried out by IIT Hyderabad.

The main sessions are conducted by IIT Hyderabad faculty. Introductory modules will be delivered by TalentSprint faculty.

Do not worry. In case you miss a session, you will be given access to view the recorded version of the session within a specified timeframe.

Attendance will be recorded regularly during this program. Participants need to maintain a minimum attendance criterion in each course of the program.

  • a. An internet connected device, Computer/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone, is enough to access the platform.
  • b. Web-camera and Mic with necessary power backup will be needed for proctored online assessments.

All the participants are required to execute, before the start of the program, an agreement that consists of the standard Program Terms and Conditions. It has the following components:

  • Part A: Etiquette and Platform Rights
    • a. Classroom Etiquette & General Policy Guidelines
    • b. Tools and Platforms in Use
    • c. Tools and Platforms: Terms of Use
  • Part B: Honor Code
  • Part C: Certification
  • Part D: Program Fee, Refund and Termination Policy


  • a. Ranked #3 (Engineering Institutions) by NIRF (2023)
  • b. World-class Academic Research Culture: With 500 sponsored research projects and 3400+ Scopus indexed publications
  • c. Collaborations with Global Centers of Excellence (Japan) for projects in disaster management, multimodal transportation, and data science for agriculture.

IIT Hyderabad is one among the 2nd generation of IITs started by the Govt. of India. It has been consistently ranked among the top ten engineering institutions in India. The Institution is creating a unique holistic educational ecosystem that offers interactive learning, a highly flexible academic structure, cutting-edge research, strong industry collaboration, and entrepreneurship. To encourage startup enthusiasts, the institution hosts i-TIC Foundation, a Technology Business Incubator that focuses on creating a supportive and nourishing environment for entrepreneurs. For more information please visit