Frequently Asked Questions

About Visual Design and User Experience

The number of digital devices and interfaces in the world is growing manifold. As the time spent on these digital interfaces is increasing, so is the need for digital design, an umbrella term that encompasses different disciplines - UI, UX, animation, and graphic design, among others.

For instance, Google’s new Page Experience Signal, for instance, will count UX in its overall ranking factors starting in 2021. Elsewhere, Nielsen Norman Group predicts that the UX profession is expected to grow to about 100 million people in 2050.

Studies indicate that there is a competitive advantage for companies with better UX than their competitors. A Forrester research shows that, on average, every dollar invested in UX brings 100 in return.

Today, organizations are looking for designers who can build the next generation of websites, mobile apps, and IoT interfaces and enhance the experience of the product.

The PG Certificate Program in Visual Design and User Experience, designed by the Department of Design at IIT Hyderabad, equips professionals to create user-centric digital experiences.

According to LinkedIn, some of the top career opportunities professionals can explore are as follows.

  • UX Researcher - 416+ openings
  • Sr. Interaction Designer - 1000+ openings
  • Lead Graphic Designer - 1000+ openings
  • Lead Animator - 712+ openings
  • 2D Animator - Motion Graphics - 1000+ openings
  • 3D Visualizer - 389+ openings
  • 3D Animator - 601+ openings
  • Director of Design - 1,000+ openings
  • Head Of Product Design - 3,000+ openings
  • Senior Visual Designer - 2,000+ openings
  • Director Of UX - 161+ openings
  • Sr.UX Designer - 976+ openings
  • UX Researcher - 381 + opening
  • Sr. UI Designer - 1000+ openings
      The IITH Advantage
  • Learn from Master Faculty, Experts and Mentors at the prestigious Department of Design at IITH, one of India’s top-ranked Institutions.
    • Hands-On Learning Experience
  • Effective learning with a practitioner’s curriculum including Use Cases, Capstone Projects and Hands-on Online Labs.
    • The TalentSprint Advantage
  • Learn on TalentSprint’s patent-pending Digital Platform. Network with 3000+ TalentSprint Deep Tech Alumni. Access Career Accelerator.

Design as an expertise appeals and applies to a wide range of professionals across roles and sectors. This program is ideal for

  • Aspiring and practicing designers, researchers, entrepreneurs, animators, and UI and UX professionals.
  • Professionals working in the following sectors will find this program useful: Technology, Communication, Entertainment, Education, E-Commerce, Banking and Finance, Retail, FMCG, HealthCare, Hospitality and Tourism.
  • Select fresh Graduates aspiring to start their career in design. There will be a selection test for such applicants as part of the enrollment process.

The program will be delivered in an interactive online format, retaining effectiveness while maintaining safety. The format uniquely combines the benefits of an in-class program with the flexibility and safety of online learning.

  • Synchronous program delivery by expert faculty
  • Interact and get doubts answered by faculty
  • Peer learning through working in groups with other participants
  • Support from mentors for projects
  • Re-attend classes through recorded archives
  • Access videos easily with searchable and indexed video archives
  • Learn from the comfort and safety of your home
  • Office hours with one-on-one mentor support

The program will be delivered on TalentSprint's patent-pending, a leading digital learning platform of choice used for programs delivered by the likes of Google, IIM Calcutta, IIT Hyderabad, IISc, and IIT Kanpur, to name a few.

The 6-month program will be taught by the Faculty members of IIT Hyderabad Department of Design.

Meet the faculty here.

Yes, this is a hands-on program. The sessions are accompanied by practical industry-oriented exercises to help assimilate theory into practice. Online lab assignments will help you master the concepts with the help of mentors. Physical labs sessions may be opened during the campus visit once it is safe for participants and faculty.

  • The program equips you with academic and practical knowledge to help navigate the fast-evolving design world
  • You will earn a Certification from IIT Hyderabad.
  • You get to leverage our Career Accelerator and explore career advancement opportunities.
  • You will learn from the leading faculty of IIT Hyderabad Department of Design and work on interesting use-cases and industry led projects.
  • Network and associate with current and future Visual Design and User Experience Specialists.

As an Institution of National Importance, IIT Hyderabad enjoys autonomous status under the MHRD, and operates outside the purview of UGC/AICTE guidelines.This program is a fully approved certificate program offered through the IIT Centre for Continuing Education.

Given the current crisis due to Covid-19, we understand that participants may have a challenge with cash flows. In order to enhance the programme fee payment flexibility, we have increased the tenure of our interest-free (0% EMI) loans. As a result of this, your financial burden gets reduced. You may contact your Relationship Manager for more details.

Learning Format

Our digital platform enables participants to

  1. Attend all lecture classes online from any location on any device (computer, tablet, or smartphone)
  2. Interact with faculty, through audio and chat, during the online session
  3. Interact with peers, through chat during the online session

Our digital platform supports mentored online labs for necessary hands-on learning.

  1. All practical labs are available online on the platform
  2. You will have the option to interact with a mentor during the lab sessions
  3. You will also be able to set up a one-on-one mentoring session during weekdays
  4. You can also work with your peer group on the platform for group projects

Yes, all our online sessions enable audio and chat interaction. Participants can interact and ask questions. The chat window is common to all participants and faculty and allows interaction among participants.

The classes will have enough interaction to get your doubts cleared. You will also have additional options:

  1. A discussion forum is open in every course, where you can post your queries to be answered by peers in the class as well as mentors.
  2. Review session scheduled periodically where you can ask the faculty and get your doubts clarified.
  3. One-on-one sessions with mentors can be scheduled during the program.

You will need the following infrastructure to access our platform:

  1. Device: A Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone with camera and mic.
  2. Internet: A regular broadband/wifi connection or a mobile 4G connection.

However, you will need a computer with the necessary configuration to do the online lab sessions.

Yes, program mentors will be available to provide you the required assistance during your online lab exercises schedule.

Participants can interact with their group members for the projects conveniently using Zoom or Skype calls. TalentSprint's platform will also have the provision of group-specific discussion forums for asynchronous discussion among the group members.

Our recorded videos have an AI-generated Table of Content (TOC) to help with easy and smart navigation within the videos. Participants can click on the items under TOC to directly jump to the relevant section in a video.

Video archives also have a Phrase Cloud of keywords/phrases used in the video. Participants can click on a particular keyword/phrase to find yellow markers, indicating the points where the selected keyword/phrase was covered on the video timeline.

Selection Process

Candidates will be selected based on the details of education, work experience, and a statement of purpose submitted by them along with the application. The profiles will be sent to IIT Hyderabad for selection.

  • Education: Any Graduation/Post-Graduation degree
  • Professional Background: Working professionals with a minimum of 1 year of experience.
  • Fresh Graduates with exceptional potential may also apply.

Program Fee

A participant not holding an Indian Passport or not residing in India will be considered an International Participant.

Yes. Flexible EMI options can be availed to pay the program fee in installments. Please reach out to your RM to know about the details of the schemes available.

For program fee related details, please visit Fee Page

No, the application fee is non-refundable.

No. The program fee is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.

Building deep-tech expertise is an absolute necessity for professionals in this fast-changing world that is constantly disrupted by technology.

    Professionals have multiple options for funding.

  1. Sponsored by employer
  2. Self-funded: Based on our experience of enabling 3000+ professionals who have participated in our executive programs, self-funding is the most preferred option with over 80% choosing this.

    Three key reasons why professionals opt for it:

  1. Freedom: To opt for a program of their choice, at a time of their choice, with an institution of their choice and not be restrained by the organization’s policy.
  2. Flexibility: To pursue greater career opportunities well even beyond their current employer or to nurture their entrepreneurial ambitions.
  3. Funding: Access to flexible EMI schemes (paying as low as Rs. 5,550 per lac per month).

We have also observed that the commitment levels were higher among self-funding participants.

Program Content

Design Essentials & Design Thinking

  • Design, processes and Methodologies
  • Design Creativity, and Innovation
  • Elements - I
  • Elements - II
  • Principles - I
  • Principles - II
  • Design Thinking
  • Design Case Studies

UX-UI Foundations

  • Introduction to Interaction Design
  • Introduction to UX-UI
  • UX Research, UI Foundations & Ideation Process
  • Interaction & narratives

UX-UI Practice Principles

  • A practical look at User Research - 1
  • A practical look at User Research - 2
  • Getting up and close to the user & Translating all the knowledge to design - 1
  • Translating all the knowledge to design - 2

UX-UI Emerging Topics

  • Translating all the knowledge to design - 3 ( Tools )
  • Advanced Interactive Interfaces / AR VR MR
  • Design Systems
  • AI/ ML in UI-UX

Digital Storytelling

  • Filmmaking
  • Photography
  • Animation

Graphic Design & Visual Branding

  • Introduction to Graphic Design and its Applications
  • Typography
  • Visual Branding
  • Publication
  • Data Visualization

Design Culture

  • Temporarility of Cultural Patterns (warm-up)
  • Presentation from students
  • Talks by faculty
  • Difference and Repetition (Quick in-class Presentations from students)
  • Design exercise

Capstones (Option to Bring Your Own Project)

  • Social Innovation
  • IoT and Product Design
  • Livable Cities
  • Design for Web
  • AR/VR and Education

Schedule and Details

Applications Open. For more information, contact us at

The program will be delivered through faculty-led interactive live sessions on TalentSprint’s These online sessions will be held at a schedule convenient for working professionals. Participants will be able to interact with the faculty through video, audio, and chat. They will also be able to chat with fellow participants of the program during online sessions.

Reading material (pre/post session) will be shared regularly through the Online Learning Management System.

It is a 6-month program including Case Studies, Capstone Projects, Hands-on Online Labs, Mentor Support and Campus Visit with Project Showcase Event.

*Exact dates for Campus Visit to be announced based on safety guidance

A certificate of successful completion is provided upon completion of all requirements of the program. All examinations and evaluations related to the certification are carried out by IIT Hyderabad.

All sessions will be conducted by the IIT Hyderabad faculty. Industry experts may be invited to share their valuable experience.

Campus Visit

A 3-day visit to IIT Hyderabad campus has been planned towards the end of the program. The campus visit will be held depending on the pandemic situation. A decision on the same will be taken once the program starts. In case the campus visit is not held, the on-campus sessions will also be held via live interactive classes.

The campus visit is a crucial part of this program. Participants get to meet the faculty members, network with their cohort peers, and access the IITH Design Innovation Centre, where they can draw guidance in areas of education and design for sustainability.

Also, during the campus visit, participants get to showcase their projects to the faculty and the industry.

Yes, the campus visit, if scheduled, will be mandatory for the successful completion of the programme. However, if the campus visit is not held owing to a pandemic situation, the on-campus sessions will be delivered via live interactive classes.

Campus fee will be based on actuals. Accommodation during the campus visit has to be arranged by the participants.

About the Platform

Do not worry. In case you miss a session, you will be given access to view the recorded version of the session soon.

Attendance will be recorded regularly during this program. Participants need to maintain minimum attendance criteria in each course of the program.

  1. An internet-connected device, Computer/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone, is enough to access the platform.
  2. Web-camera and Mic with necessary power backup will be needed for proctored online assessments.

All participants are required to execute, before the start of the program, an agreement that consists of the standard program Terms and Conditions. It has the following components:

  1. Part A: Etiquette and Platform Rights
    1. Classroom Etiquette & General Policy Guidelines
    2. Tools and Platforms in Use
    3. Tools and Platforms: Terms of Use
  2. Part B: Honor Code
  3. Part C: Certification
  4. Part D: Program Fee, Refund, and Termination Policy


  • Ranked #8 (Engineering Institutions) by NIRF (2023)
  • 500 sponsored research projects and 3400+ Scopus indexed publications
  • Collaborations with Global CoE for industry-specific projects
  • IITH is one amongst the 20 new Design Innovation Centres in India

IIT Hyderabad has been consistently ranked among the top ten engineering institutions of India. It has created a holistic educational ecosystem that offers cutting-edge research, industry collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

The PG Certificate Program in Visual Design and User Experience will be delivered by the Department of Design. IITH’s Design Department, in particular, has facilitated innovation in Collaborative Design, Sustainability, Product Systems and Services, Design and Education, Crowdsourced Design, and more.

IIT Hyderabad also hosts i-TIC Foundation, a Technology Business Incubator that provides a supportive environment for entrepreneurs. For more information visit